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Yep Text Promo-code enables you to get one of the most efficient text marketing providers at a reduced rate, it’s a unique text messaging software package. It has been developed for the small businessman or woman who is not necessarily a geek. The developers of this system have simplified it… So much that you don’t have to be a geek to make it work. Adam Horwitz (creator of the yep text software) has brought sms text message marketing closer to small business owners.

This site’s main aim though is to make it possible for you to discover the shocking benefits of this product. Let alone deciding to use this amazing marketing tool, finding a suitable text messaging system for small businesses is not an easy task. The level of difficulty with most text message marketing software has caused most potential small business operators to be excluded from participating in the most effective marketing tool… it gets the highest Return On Investment…

Large corporations have raked in huge profits using bulk text marketing. The benefits of this incredible marketing discovery have placed the few small businesses who used the tool early on on a superior competitive position.

You probably have been texting a lot to your friends and relatives and so has everybody you know. All you have to do now is to learn a few tricks to scale up your texting in order to improve your business. If you have not started cell phone marketing campaigns for your business you’re missing out. Yep Text has made all that within easy reach.

This revolutionary software’s unique features sets it apart from most text marketing software systems. These features are responsible for the benefits you get in simplicity since you don’t have to struggle to implement your marketing campaigns.

A set of 12 videos are your Yep Text Video Classroom teacher over whose shoulder you look and just
repeat the step-by-step procedure as Adam Horwitz gives you an easy-to-follow instruction.

Checkout the Yep Text Clasroom for a Range of Tutorials on Text Message Marketing

The interfaces are simplicity itself. The creation and management of campaigns is a breeze as all it amounts to is filling in different sets of forms for various types of campaigns. You click a few buttons of a user-friendly interface. This software makes working on your marketing campaigns no more difficult than doing your routine online banking tasks.

Some of the software’s exciting features for example are the Yep text On-The-Go and the the Yep Text Video Classroom.

1.YepText On-The-Go with Yep Text Promo-code:yeptext on the go3 Yep Text Promo code | Save 30% | YepText

You don’t need to be at your computer to run your account or to start a campaign. The software provides a Mobile Website, its iPhone and Droid to enable you to operate from the Yeptext Apps and Mobile Website. You simply whip out your smartphone and away you go with another campaign.

2. Get Video Classroom with Yep Text Promo-code:Yeptext Video Classroom4 Yep Text Promo code | Save 30% | YepText

Hands on help with a set of lessons has been provided for anything you would like to know inside Yep Text… Things are so simplified that you will need little support though always available.

3. Stationary Templates:

Pre-made templates for marketing stationary (Table Tents, Flyers, Postcards…) are included in the package, free unlimited text messages and much more. The Yep Text Software is not the cheapest but it is not expensive either at less than 4 cents per customer. You pay a little more than some packages but there are no hidden costs, no minimum costs either and no contracts yet a superior system. You must check out the YepText pricing structure to see how affordable it is – you can trial run a campaign for as little as $1.

These three are just a few of a number of exciting features you’ll find inside the Yep Text Website.

How Easy Is It To Get Started Using Yep Text Promo-code

How do you typically get started? Use your yep text promo-code for a discount on your 1st Campaign. You start off by building an opt-in list of existing and potential customers. It is easy when you use the Yep Text Software. The developer of this software Adam Horwitz has got you covered. Adam has created stationary templates which you can use to collect cell phone numbers by getting prospects and customers to voluntarily sms their numbers to your list. By so doing they give you permission to send them promotional text messages.

A Typical Marketing Campaign through Yep Text Promo-code

YepText offers an attractive and user-friendly software package for even beginners to start without difficulty. The YepText pricing structure does not charge setup fees. There’s no commitment of large sums of money in the beginning if you’re inexperienced. You can start with as little as $1 to $99 or more. yeptext pricing3 Yep Text Promo code | Save 30% | YepTextLet’s say that you want to start with the trial program. You can run your marketing campaign to your customers for only $1 as a trial run.


Alternatively you can cut to the chase by choosing one of the other price offers depending on the size of your existing list. Taking any of the packages qualifies you for a 30% discount through my yep text promo-code.

If you don’t have a list you can use the templates provided by YepText to print stationary which you will use to build your list. You will also be referred to a printing company who will print the stationary and ship it to you.

However if you have a printer you could print them yourself or use a printing company of your choice. You’re free to use the templates anyway you choose. Typically if you’re a restaurant or a night club you can place paper tents on your tables or signs on your walls once you have printed your stationary.

Offer your customers a discount on their meals or an extra beverages in return for an opt-in response for example. Once your customer list is ready you can then start your marketing campaigns be it relationship building or recruitment of new customers.

The beauty with text messaging coupons is that your customers could pass them on to their friends or colleagues as gifts. Adam Horwitz is an enthusiastic internet entrepreneur who specializes in developing mobile technology and internet marketing programs. He is also the creator of the recently launched Mobile Monopoly.

You Can’t Afford To Ignore Yep Text Anymore

In conclusion, this amazing marketing innovation which has been underutilized since its discovery cannot be ignored anymore. If you want to up your game you need to include this communication and marketing tool in your marketing arsenal. Yep Text Promo-code puts it within reach.

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